M2M Etsy Store Banner and Avatar

This M2M service, you can pick any one our designs to make into etsy store banner and avatar template

What come with the purchase:
  • Design header graphic (790px x 100px)
  • Design avatar graphid (75px x 75px)

You will Need:
  • An Etsy account
  • An Etsy store

What come after purchase:
  • I will email you questionary form within 48 hours of payment.
  • Template will be complete and delivered within 3 business working days.
      (we do not working on weekends and holidays)

  • this template is sold as is, no modifications besides those mentioned above.
  • By buying this template as you are agreed that this template will only be use as an storebanner and avatar within Etsy, and can only be use by the original purchaser of this template.
Price: $15.00

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